Modul II Walking and Cycling

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Non-motorised Transport is the basic way of moving.

Due to functional and environmental needs, cities not only in the industrialized world, start to promote non-motorised traffic in order to solve their environmental and transport problems. Moreover it is obvious that in the mega cities the growing transport can not be conducted by cars. Nevertheless the common perception of how we move has adapted a car driver´s perspective. Transport engineers and urban planners have been adapting the urban infrastructure to the needs of the individual motorised transport. The social status of the car is so strong that non-motorised traffic has become a symbol of poverty.

In the last ten years the perception in the western world has started to change. Young urban professionals have realised the advantages of walking cycling and their priorities and values are diversifying. People prefer to spend the money on other things than expensive cars.

The following Media will give a brief overview over the topics of Module II “Walking and Cycling”

Documents and Papers
Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development: National Cycling Plan 2020 Document download
Cycling England - Analysis and Synthesis on Effects_of Investment in six Cycling Demonstration Cities, Nov 2009 Document download
Forschungsgesellschaft für Straßen und Verkehrswesen: Empfehlungen für Radverkehrsanlagen (ERA), Köln (2010) Printed Document only
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GIZ Case Study 02 - Munster Document download
GIZ Case Study 04 - Planning for Cycling in Germany (Frankfurt) Document download
GIZ Sourcebook, Module 3d - Non Motorized Transport Document download
GIZ Sourcebook, Module 3e - Car free Development Document download
GIZ Technical Document - Public Bike Schemes in Developing Cities Document download
ifmo 2011 - Mobilitaet junger Menschen Document download
Intelligent Energy Europe - Promoting Cycling for everyone as daily transport mode 2014 Document download

ELTIS The urban mobility observatory - Case studies and more Link
Fahrradportal - Fahrradportal Nationaler Radverkehrsplan Link
Literatur-Database (German) Link

TED Talk - Jeanette Sadik Kahn - (NYC Transport Comissioner) - New York Streets Link
TED Talk - Jeff Speck - The walkable City Link